Heart Wax Melter -White


Ceramic White Heart Wax Melter / Oil Burner with Glossy Finish.9x10cm – Individually Boxed.

Available in white and grey


User Instructions: To get the best from your wax melts safely please follow these simple but effective instructions at all times: 1.Use an appropriate Wax Melt burner or warmer 2.Check your burner before every use for cracks or chips and make sure it is completely dry 3.Never leave an in-use burner unattended 4.Check each scent for allergen advise before use 5.Keep burner out of draughts and in a well ventilated area (away from walls and windows) to avoid overheating 6.Use with a 4 hour tea light only, keep replacing the tea light until you can no longer smell the scentĀ  7.Do not overfill your burner, depending on size 1-2 cubes is enough to give up to 12 hours of scent 8.The strength of the scent will be dependent on the size and temperature of your room and how much wax is used. 9.Keep windows and doors closed while burningĀ  10.Once the wax as finished and you are ready to clean out the burner either soak up the melted wax with cotton wool (be careful as will be hot) or wait for the wax to cool enough that when you push on one side the majority pops out you can then wipe your burner out with cotton wool or kitchen roll. 11.Keep away from children and pets